Ziggyverse NFTs

What is the Ziggyverse?

The Ziggyverse will be an open-ended GameFi platform built out in the mid to long-term future. NFT Tiles will form the bedrock of the game, being used to craft technology and raise creatures for farming and battling.
Our new Moonpot NFTs are the first very first steps on a journey toward a fully-fledged game in the style of Alien Worlds, Dragonary, and Axie Infinity.

What are NFT Tiles?

There are six Types of Ziggyverse Tiles:
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Within each Type, there are 300 Rare NFTs of different Materials. This will include 50 Gold, 100 Moonstone, and 150 Jade. The rarer the Material they are made of, the more likely they will have a higher Element Level in the forging process. There is also Common Material available for each Tile. The power of your Tile will be a combination of its Material, Element, and Element Level.

How does Common Material work?

For those who miss out on the Gold, Moonstone, and Jade NFTs, there will be the possibility to mint a Common Material for each Tile Type. When you mint a Common Material, there is a small chance that the minted NFT will be Element Level three, but you will not need to forge them after minting.
Cadets will mint Common Material Tiles themselves, and it will cost 1 $POTS token, plus the BNB transaction fees on Galaxy. The first Common Material Tile will come shortly after people have begun forging their rare ones.

Which Tiles do I need to collect?

By collecting one Tile from all six of the upcoming Tile types, you will be in the strongest position for the evolution of the game. The combination of elements and levels you collect is up to you. Cadets with the best instincts and the strongest hands will end up with an optimal set for crafting and raising.

What token standard do the Moonpot NFTs use?

Our Tiles NFTs use BEP-1155, allowing for a single smart contract to create multiple tokens.

How do I get Tiles?

You can win Tiles by entering into one of our NFT Moonpots and staking $POTS, or by entering Social Pots. Winners are then selected randomly in the same manner as any of our other Moonpots. You can also purchase them on the secondary market.
Loyal Cadets from a variety of different groups will receive 25 Gold material NFTs based on snapshots taken after Ziggy Draws:
  1. 1.
    Those who played in all Ziggys, CAKE, and BIFI Pots
  2. 2.
    Those who had the 15th best odds in the last Ziggy’s Pots
  3. 3.
    Those who had the 15th worst odds in the last Ziggy’s Pot
  4. 4.
    Those who had the 15th worst odds in the last CAKE Pot
  5. 5.
    Those who had the 15th best odds in the last CAKE Pot
Another 250 or Cadets will also get Moonstone Tiles in the other five batches. This will include those who played in all Ziggys and CAKE Pots - but didn’t play in the BIFI Pot as well.
Each time we will keep some back from all three of the rare Materials for Social Pots and NFT Pots. For those who don’t get Airdropped a Tile, there’s an opportunity to win them daily from our NFT Pots and Social Pots.
Anyone who has played in every single Ziggy’s Pot up, since the start, up until the release of our 10,000 unique Ziggyverse Ziggy collection will get an automatic whitelist for at least one Ziggy. You will need a unique character to wield your Tiles.

What is forging?

To find out the Element and Element Level of your NFT you will need to forge it at Galaxy.eco/moonpot. Forging is a simple process that requires two things:
  1. 1.
    One of Ziggy’s Hammer NFTs. These are free to mint at Galaxy.eco/moonpot.
  2. 2.
    Some POTS As Gold Tiles are the most valuable Tiles they will cost you 10 $POTS to forge. Moonstone will cost you 5 $POTS to forge, and Jade will cost you $2 POTS to forge.
You can follow our detailed Forging Guide for more steps.

How many NFTs will there be?

There will be a total of 300 Gold, 600 Moonstone, 900 Jade, and unlimited Common Material Tiles released in batches of 10,000 based on demand. There will also be 10,000 unique Ziggy NFTs minted in the future. If demand shows, there will also be a second generation of Unique Tiles and Cadet NFTs.

Can I get a SafePal custom hardware wallet with NFTs?

Our first 300 distributed NFTs will allow their holders to receive one of 300 exclusive devices. We will announce how to claim your Hardware Wallet shortly. Only Forged NFTs will be eligible to claim Custom Hardware Wallets.

Where does the $POTS minting fee go?

$POTS paid for minting are treated as buyback and go to $POTS stakers in Ziggys Pot.

What are the use cases of Creatures and Characters?

Characters will be needed to create Creatures, and Creatures will be used for farming and battling. The Character will have also its own use case explained closer to the time of releasing the collection.
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