Prizes & Winnings

What are my chances of winning?

Your odds of winning change depending on how much you deposit in the Moonpot, and how much is in there when the prize draw is held.
This is because it’s directly proportional.
For example, if you deposit 100 CAKE into our CAKE Moonpot, and there’s 10,000 CAKE in the entire pot, then your odds are 100/10,000.
In other words: 1 in 100.
Someone in the same pot who deposited 1 CAKE would only have a 1 in 10,000 chance.
A user who deposited 5 CAKE would have a 5/10,000 chance — so 1 in 2,000.
And so on. We assume you know how maths works.
The Moonpot dApp shows you your chances of winning when you make a deposit. Plus you can check your odds at any time before the scheduled prize draw via the dApp’s ‘My Pots’ tab.

How much can I win?

There is no set amount for each prize. It entirely depends on how much has been deposited in each Moonpot, and therefore how much interest has been earned over the week.
Our first CAKE Moonpot was launched on 20 July 2021 and ended up having around $80,000-worth of crypto in the prize pot when the draw was made on 26 July.
The pot's five winners each received around $16,000 — including one Moonpot Cadet who staked just 10 CAKE. And remember he got that deposit back too. Plus interest!
Since then we have given away millions of dollars worth of crypto in prizes, and, at the time of writing, Moonpot's total active regular prize payments are worth around $30,000.
The Moonpot dApp clearly shows the amount that can be won from each pot. You can check this at any time — both before and after depositing — to keep up to date with any changes to the prize fund.

Why isn’t the prize fund a set amount for each draw?

The reason the prize pot size fluctuates is that it comes from the interest earned by Moonpot through the platform’s savings strategies.
Take our CAKE Moonpot as an example.
All deposited CAKE is bundled together to earn interest from the Beefy Finance CAKE vault. Beefy auto compounds the earnings, and then it all goes back to Moonpot players.
Half is paid out to users as interest. The other half is used for Prize Draws (and Ziggy’s governance pot).

How can I see my odds of winning?

The Moonpot dApp shows your odds of winning before you make a deposit.
You can also check your odds at any time before the prize draw via the dApp’s ‘My Pots’ tab.

How do I know if I won anything?

Our Moonpot prize games have three, five or ten winning tickets depending on which asset and Moonpot you're looking at.
You can check the Moonpot dApp display to see how many winners the Pot you're interested in has each time its drawn.
The number of winners each Moonpot has is listed under where it says "Projected Prize Split", along with how much is to be won.
Each winning ticket is entitled to an equal share of the total prize pot.
Prizes are paid directly into your Moonpot account.
So, for example, if you are a CAKE Moonpot winner then the prize is automatically added to your deposit and interest.
Check the ‘Winners’ section of the dApp to keep track of the prize draws you’re in and see if you are a winner or not.
If you win then you will see a notification in the 'Winners' section.
We also have a Winners channel in our Discord that publishes the winning addresses for each and every prize draw.
Please note there is a 10-day Fairplay Timelock before you can withdraw any winnings — or payment of a 5% Winners' Fairness Fee (or less) if you would like to exit before the time is up.
Of course, if you keep your winnings staked on Moonpot you are earning additional interest each day, and have even more entry tickets for the next draw's prize too!

How often are prizes given out?

We currently have ten Moonpots on BNB Chain, and four Moonpots on Fantom. The prize draws for these Pots take place at regular intervals, but vary in frequency (as follows):
Every day: Ziggyverse NFT Pot
Every week: Cake Pot Ziggy's Pot Every two weeks: Pacoca Pot Banana Pot beFTM Pot BIFI (BNB Chain) Pot BIFI (Fantom) Pot 4Belt USD Pot BNB Pot Pots-BNB LP Pot TOMB-FTM LP Curve USD Pot
Every month: Watch Pot

Won’t the whales always win? What’s the point in taking part if I am a little fish?

Users with the largest deposits will of course have the greatest chance of winning. Because your odds are directly proportional to your share of the deposited assets.
Take our CAKE Moonpot, for example. You can visualize it as getting 1 ticket for every 1 CAKE you put in the pot. Someone with 100,000 tickets is therefore statistically more likely to win than someone with just 1 ticket.
But the thing is it’s a prize draw. So anyone can win. And winning tickets are picked entirely at random thanks to the smart-contract code and the use of Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function) — a provably fair and verifiable source of randomness.
Because anyone with a ticket is a possible winner it means little fish will indeed win from time to time.
That’s also the nature of chance and statistics. And when they do they will receive a huge payout compared to the amount they put in.
In fact, our very first CAKE Moonpot was won by someone who deposited just 10 CAKE. Their prize? $16,000 in crypto. Plus they got their stake back with added interest, too. You can check the blockchain for proof here.
That’s the point of taking part. You have to be in it to win it.
Why play any kind of prize game? Because it’s a fun way to win big!
And with Moonpot you earn interest on your entry rather than having it taken from you. Win-win.

What’s in it for the user? Is the prize game worth it?

You can win prizes paid in crypto each and every week. What's not to like?
Moonpot has given away literally millions of dollars in crypto to winners so far with the current regular prize fund totalling around $30,000 each cycle.
Our first CAKE Moonpot had around $80,000-worth of crypto in the prize pot when the draw was made.
And even if you don’t win you never lose your original stake. In fact, your deposit only grows thanks to the interest paid on it daily.
No other prize game lets you play with no risk to your entry fee while simultaneously paying you interest on what you’ve deposited.
So yes: we think the Moonpot win-win prize game is worth it.
We hope you do too!