Everything you need to know about MoonTickets — tokens you may or may not have noticed in your wallet after joining a Moonpot

What are MoonTickets? I deposited assets in a Moonpot and now I have MoonTickets —what should I do with them?

Anyone who deposits into one of our Moonpots will be sent MoonTickets as a receipt.
It’s a way of tracking who has deposited what amount, calculating what your chances are of winning the prize draw, and ensuring you earn the right amount of rewards and interest.
Look after your MoonTickets. You don’t need to do anything with them. But be very careful with them.
You need these MoonTickets to be eligible for the prize draw, and you need them to get your tokens back from the Moonpot when you want to withdraw your stake/earnings.
The entire process is automated from start to finish. At no point should you need to interact with your MoonTickets. So please don’t trade or transfer them to another wallet.
Also be aware that moonTickets will not match 1:1 with the amount you deposit, and that there is no minimum.
Note that each Moonpot has its own MoonTicket. For example:
If you deposit BANANA into our Banana Moonpot you will receive moonTicketBanana
If you deposit BIFI into our BIFI Moonpot you will receive moonTicketBIFI
If you deposit CAKE into our CAKE Pot you will receive moonTicketCakeV4
If you deposit POTS into Ziggy’s Pot you will receive moonTicketPOTSv3
Remember, these tokens are basically your receipt for depositing. You need them to get your deposit and yield back. Lose them and you lose ownership of your staked assets.
Our advice? Don’t touch them! Ever.

I don’t see MoonTickets in my wallet. Does that mean my receipt has been lost?!

Don’t panic. It can be fairly common for wallets not to show MoonTickets because they aren’t viewed as tradable assets or tokens.
If you check the blockchain you will see that your MoonTickets are there. If you're using Moonpot on BNB Chain then simply go to — the relevant blockchain explorer — and put your wallet address into the search bar.
Once you have pasted your wallet address into the search bar you can hit the magnifying glass icon, and this will bring up all the data associated with your wallet.
Click the menu next to where it says ‘Token’, and you will see a list of all the tokens that belong to your address.
Scroll down and you will find your MoonTickets safely listed there.
Remember: it’s best you just leave them alone. They are your receipt and require no input from you. The process of awarding and redeeming MoonTickets for your assets is automated by Moonpot from start to finish every time you make a deposit or withdrawal.

I'm an advanced Cadet and want to know the contract address for each MoonTicket so I can manually add them to my wallet...

Please listen to us when we say there really is absolutely no need to have your MoonTickets show in your wallet.
These tokens are essentially receipts that track eligibility for prize draws, and are also used by the automated Moonpot system when you deposit/withdraw assets.
Lose them and you lose access to your assets.
If you don’t have them show in your wallet then you are less likely to mess around with them by accident.
However, if you really want to see them in your wallet, and know how to use a contract address to manually add them, then each pot’s MoonTicket contract is as below:
moonTicketBanana: 0x87f697905732c6faa5def3bfe23aada5eac33ee8
moonTicketBIFI: 0xd763a0377bb40f7b79839ea50aac75ff67cb9eae
moonTicketCakeV4: 0x6B9c7C3aE69852De54A7b7b1F0C99851271Af9a1
moonTicketPOTSv3: 0xCd3941d4825c08991b98930ef18062f6df2959d4
Decimals for all MoonTickets: 18

How many MoonTickets will I get? Do I need a whole ticket to win?

MoonTicket tokens are basically your receipt for depositing.
You need them to get your deposit and yield back. And you need them to be part of each pot’s prize draw. Don’t lose them!
Please be aware that moonTickets will not match 1:1 with the amount you deposit. And also try and remember that these MoonTickets aren’t like physical lottery tickets.
There is no minimum deposit required, you can have a fraction of a ticket, and anyone who deposits into the pot has a chance of winning — regardless of how many ‘full’ tickets they hold.
MoonTickets simply represent your odds of winning based on how many other “tickets” exist. Your odds of winning are based on what percentage of the pot your stake makes up.
Please don’t get too fixated on the number of tickets in your wallet.
If your stake makes up 1% of the pot then you have a 1% chance of winning. It's as simple as that.
The ‘tickets’ you have just track your stake.

All your pots show “odds per $1,000 deposit”. Does this mean I need to deposit $1,000 worth of tokens to be in with a chance of winning?

Not at all. There is no minimum deposit.
All this line shows is what your odds will be should you deposit $1,000 of that asset.
So, for example, one Moonpot may show “1 in 220 odds per $1,000 deposit”. While another shows “1 in 7,002 odds per $1,000 deposit”.
But this doesn’t mean you have to deposit $1,000 to take part. It's just a guide to give you an idea of the current odds for each pot.
The display shows the odds per $1,000 — but you can win with anything. Our first Cake Pot was won by a Cadet who staked just 10 CAKE ($70).
And remember that the winning ticket holder also got his stake back plus interest. As does everyone regardless of if they win the prize or not. It’s what we like to call a win-win.
You just can’t lose.