Read on for an overview of Moonpot's crypto goodness

What is Moonpot?

Moonpot is a win-win prize game on BNB Chain and Fantom that rewards everyone who takes part. Deposit crypto in one of our savings pots and you are automatically entered into a regularly held prize draw. Moonpot has already given out millions of dollars in prizes (paid in crypto).
Your deposit acts as your entry ticket, but is never at risk. Even if you don’t win the Moonpot prize, your deposit will always get bigger thanks to the interest paid on your assets. Think of Moonpot as a crypto savings account that also enters you into a crypto prize game.

Why does Moonpot exist?

We are here to help as many people as possible grow their assets safely while having fun doing so. DeFi and Moonpot offer an alternative to banks — we believe in a world where savers are rewarded with growth rather than punished by inflation.
We are determined to build a future where saving is enjoyable, profitable, and open. Where crypto interest rates are people’s first choice. And where our savings pots and win-win prize games deliver financial freedom to all. We plan to bring as many people to DeFI as possible. Because decentralization is for everyone.

What makes Moonpot 100% trustworthy?

Moonpot’s code is open-source and built by the Certik-audited team at Beefy Finance — the most recognized name when it comes to trust in the DeFi world.
Moonpot is essentially a brand extension from core members of the Beefy team working alongside carefully selected partners. The backing of this proven project — which already safely manages over 900m USD of assets — means you can be sure that the code, savings pots, and prize mechanism are entirely secure and trustworthy.
Beefy was one of just three projects picked out of 650 submissions to receive an award from Binance for the quality and reliability of its work on BNB Chain. Beefy and Moonpot have both been extensively audited by Certik, which is the crypto industry’s leading security auditing service. Moonpot also only works with blue-chip projects and partners to give you even greater confidence your crypto is safe.

How is it possible to get tickets to win prizes, but not lose any money?

Your deposit into one of our savings pots acts as your entry ticket. In a traditional prize draw your stake is taken from you because the prize money comes from everyone’s entry fees. But Moonpot is different. It's a win-win savings game.
The assets you deposit are grouped together and used to earn returns from the decentralized financial markets. And so that’s where the prize money comes from — interest earned by Moonpot through the platform’s savings strategies.
Your stake helps create the prize fund, but is never taken from you. So you play for no loss! This is how it’s possible to be part of a win-win prize game, but not lose any money.

Is Moonpot audited?

Yes. Moonpot is audited.
The code behind Moonpot’s smart contracts has been extensively analyzed and audited by Certik — a third-party auditing service that specializes in smart contracts and blockchain.
Certik delivers the most advanced security audits in the crypto industry and has conducted rigorous audits for hundreds of blue-chip blockchains and DeFi protocols, including the likes of Binance, PancakeSwap, 1Inch, and Paxos. The results provide provable trust for all, and, in Moonpot’s case, security and peace of mind for you.

I still haven’t got a clue what this is. Please explain it to me in the simplest terms possible.

OK, look, think about it like this. Moonpot does two things:
(1) gives you more crypto each and every day (2) gives out big prizes in crypto each week
Crypto has financial value. So it’s good to have more of it than less. One way to get crypto is to buy it with money (USD, for example). But Moonpot helps you get more crypto without having to spend anything. All you need to do is put crypto in a Moonpot account.
Once you have put crypto into Moonpot then you get more sent back to you each day. Moonpot is able to do this because it uses computer code to lend out your crypto in a safe and secure way.
Other people pay a fee to borrow your crypto. These fees are used to give you more crypto on a daily basis as a reward.
You can remove your crypto whenever you want. It belongs to you at all times. And you’ll always end with more than when you started.
The other thing Moonpot does is give out prizes.
This means that everyone who uses Moonpot is in with a chance of winning a prize each week. The computer code randomly selects a prize-winning ticket. And prizes are paid out in crypto.
The money for these prizes again comes from the fees paid by the people borrowing. Not from you.
This means even if you don’t win you don’t lose anything.
What's not to like? It's wonderful to save, and maybe win too.

Can you explain in a few simple sentences what Moonpot is and why I should use it?

Moonpot is a win-win prize game that rewards everyone who takes part.
Stake your crypto in one of our savings pots and you’ll earn interest on your assets. Your deposit will never shrink. It can only grow.
Better yet: each pot gives out regular crypto prizes. Your deposit acts as your entry ticket, but your stake is never lost.
Why use Moonpot? Because it’s a way to grow your assets safely and securely while having fun doing so.
Moonpot's savings vaults make it simple for anyone to access the bank-beating DeFi interest rates available in crypto.
A regularly held prize game gives everyone saving via Moonpot the thrill of a possible big win while never putting their deposit at risk.
It really is win-win!

What makes Moonpot different from other projects in the DeFi space?

DeFi is the greatest revolution of our times — a new era where financial tools can be trusted thanks to smart contracts on blockchains instead of an outdated reliance on banks. We no longer need centralized intermediaries taking unreasonable profits.
But Moonpot is different from other DeFi projects because of how its smart contracts allow users to always get a return on their investment while also being part of a crypto prize draw — with no reduction in their original stake for being involved.
This creates a win-win guaranteed by code where everyone earns interest, but also has a chance of winning big each week thanks to Moonpot's prizes. It's simple. Earn interest. Win prizes.
No other project on BNB Chain or Fantom is doing this.

How does the APY work?

Each of our savings pots offer double-digit Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as a minimum.
If you’re not familiar with that term it basically means how much your investment will grow over the course of 365 days. The higher the APY, the higher your earnings.
These returns are possible because Moonpot uses smart contracts to invest your assets in trusted financial products available in the DeFi market. APY simply shows you the rate of return you can get. Take our CAKE Pot for example.
Moonpot deposits your CAKE tokens in the Beefy.Finance CAKE vault. Beefy then auto compounds the CAKE earnings.
All of the CAKE earned via Moonpot in the Beefy vault goes to Moonpot players. Half is used to give you interest (APY). The other half is used for Prizes and Ziggy’s Pot rewards.