Ziggy's Guide to Moonpot

What is Moonpot?

Moonpot is a win-win savings game on Binance Smart Chain powered by Beefy Finance.
Deposit crypto into one of our Moonpots and you automatically gain interest on your assets each day. You are also entered into a weekly prize draw at the same time. Everyone in each pot is in with a chance of winning big-money Moonpot prizes paid out in crypto.
So how does it work? Put simply, your deposit is your ticket for the prize draw. But even if you don't win you can always get your crypto back with added interest.
Please note there is a 10-day Fairplay Timelock on your deposit, or payment of a 2.5% Fairness Fee (or less) if you would like to exit early. Winnings are also subject to the Fairplay Timelock with a Fairness Fee of a maximum of 5%.
There’s nothing better than a deposit that always gets bigger while also giving you the chance to win big-money prizes. It's literally win-win.

What is $POTS?

$POTS is Moonpot’s token that allows holders to share in part of the revenue of the platform. By staking $POTS in Ziggy’s Pot, you can receive a portion of 5% of the interest earned across all Moonpots. Ziggy’s Pot also has a regular prize draw that pays out another 5% of the platform’s interest to the winners.
But wait, there’s more! $POTS will also provide voting power in Moonpot’s DAO governance model. Holders can make and vote on proposals created by the $POTS-holding community.
Last modified 4mo ago